Antranik Tavitian is a first generation Armenian-American born in Los Angeles, California, USA to Syrian-Armenian parents born in Aleppo, Syria. His photography focuses on the intersectional exploration of social issues, ethnicity, and identity through both personal reflection and current events. 

Awards & Exhibitions 

OpenShow LA - Pasadena - East LA #15 2017 - "Whenever you want, I'll tell you." 

H. Barbara Cutler Memorial Scholarship 2017 - Annual photography scholarship awarded through the CSUN art department.

California State University Northridge 2017 - Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition. CSUN Main Gallery, Los Angeles, California. 

The Getty MUI Internship 2016 - A summer internship program working for The Ryman Arts Foundation through The Getty.

Ryman Arts Foundation Scholarship - A fully paid arts-educational scholarship.


2017. California State University Northridge -

BA- Art (Photography)


2015-2016. CSUIP Study Abroad Academic Year-

Academic Year long study abroad Spanish program in Jaen, Spain.