New Year's Eve, 2017

I just got some film back from the lab that I had shot way back on New Year's Eve. Reason being, a combination of my forgetfulness to properly date and subject film rolls after shooting them and being too cheap to pay for developing. No worries, it'll serve as a lesson to be more organized in my storage and finances...maybe.

This post's photo is from New Year's Eve dinner at my cousin's home. Every year, my extended family of about 20 or so young and old come to my Uncle Anto's (Yup, we got the same name) home, food in arms, ready to drink and eat with the occasional heated debate over god knows what— it wouldn't be the Holidays without it! This photo depicts a small moment in time before said heated debates. 

What speaks to me about this photo is the converging of hands into the center of the frame. I hope that it brings a sense of warmth and intimacy to the viewer. 

Well, that it for now. Till next time!