Fallacies of time

There are certain areas in Los Angeles where the passing of time seems to be a fallacy. Neighborhoods, completely untouched by the changing waves of things like technology and the influx of outside ideas and individuals. Things may change in the area, but, as I've come to notice in some cases, not truly. It's a tempting topic to spend some time, and film, exploring on my off-hours.

The interesting man, pictured below, is my cousin's neighbor from across the street. 

Try convincing me he isn't a godly time-warp fusion of Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown.

Anyways, for a bit of backstory, I had been visiting my cousins and brought along my camera— I've missed too many interesting photo opportunities to not carry it with me everywhere I go. I think I was down to my last frame of 12 and saw this guy starting up his old motorcycle. I walked up, started a conversation about his bike— I'd like to buy an 80s Honda a convert it into a cafe racer sometime in the near future. I asked him if I could take his portrait. He obliged. 


Thanks for reading along!