Old MU Parking Rule Enforced

You’d think a story about a “new” parking rule would be easy to report on, right?

Ha. Well, it wasn’t as clear cut as I thought it would be when I first got the assignment.

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Campus parking is the thorn in side of nearly all university students. Parking police aren’t the most liked bunch. Public opinion may not have improved after there decision to start enforcing an old parking rule three weeks into the semester, without announcing it.

We originally found out about it through a re-tweet of a post by Mizzou’s Parking and Transportation Twitter account saying that there’s a new parking policy. Students weren’t so happy about the timing. The original tweet by Parking and Transport was incorrect—It turned out that the rule was always there, but wasn’t enforced.

The parking rule in question states that parking garage ramps belong to the floor that they begin on, according to MU spokeswoman, Liz McCune. If a student’s parking permission allows them to park on the fourth floor of Virginia Avenue Parking Structure, for example, they can only park on the flat portion of the fourth floor and the entirety of the inclining ramp toward the fifth floor; they may not park on the ramp leading down to the third floor.

The rule was always there, but “It’s a process that we didn’t enforce regularly before, but now that there’s a demand for certain parking spots and parking garages, the parking enforcement felt that they needed to make it clear that this is the policy,” McCune said.

The information became clear after a days worth of calling back and forth and interviewing students who got tickets relating to this violation before the rule enforcement was made official