Antranik Tavitian is a first generation Armenian-American born in Los Angeles, California to parents from Aleppo, Syria. His work focuses on exploring the creation of identity by examining the intersection of self-identity, social-identity, ethnicity, politics and gender. Tavitian's work uses symbolism and ephemeral moments to tell human driven stories.

Currently, he is completing his masters of arts in journalism at the University of Missouri, school of journalism. He speaks Armenian, English, and Spanish.

Tavitian lives between Columbia, Missouri and Los Angeles, California.

Awards & Exhibitions 

OpenShow LA - Pasadena - East LA #15 2017 - "Whenever you want, I'll tell you." 

H. Barbara Cutler Memorial Scholarship 2017 - Annual photography scholarship awarded through the CSUN art department.

California State University Northridge 2017 - Annual Juried Art Student Exhibition. CSUN Main Gallery, Los Angeles, California. 

The Getty MUI Internship 2016 - A summer internship program working for The Ryman Arts Foundation through The Getty.

Ryman Arts Foundation Scholarship - A fully paid arts-educational scholarship.


2020. University of Missouri -

MA-Journalism (Photojournalism)

2017. California State University Northridge -

BA- Art (Photography)